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Walking Down Empty Road

Creating Meaningful Impact Together

Order Of The Ancient Shadows : Beliefs and Ideals

Our Beliefs are in our name. We believe in the cover of the shadows and never revealing our names or identitys on any public forum. It is the first and foremost of our principles. We help in the pursuit of building the ones we support up, not ourselves.

Our second principle is that of honor. Our honor comes from helping those who do not have the means or chance of doing it for themselves. Our help is not just simply a transaction of goods but a chance in which we can build rapport and connection, to uplift and strengthen those we meet.

We do not have any physical locations. Dens may become an option for the order as time passes. We will communicate only by encrypted messaging, or through the member portal.

Lastly, the principle of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. As a member of the order we become by extension a new family. As any healthy and functioning family is we are built on trust, loyalty, and confidence. By doing this we do not only preserve the order but learn and grow from one another. Learning and growing can only be accomplished by ensuring trust, loyalty, and confidence as the benchmarks.

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