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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the minimum age to become a member?

The minimum age to join is when you legally become an adult. The order will not accept any applications for membership to those under the age of 18. Those who wish to join our order as a member must meet the qualifications and practice our principles.

Is your organization transparent?

Our order documents all donations recieved wether digitally or by cash and it is placed into our support fund. The support fund is used to provide Monetary, Food, and Social Aid to the most vulnerable in our members communities. All interactions are documented as discussed on our homepage. These first person interactions will be uploaded to our social media page to show the world that we exist. We will also post donation updates on our social media with the total amount of donations recieved per month.

How much of my donation directly supports the cause?

As discussed on our home page, 100% of your donations will be used to provide monetary, and food items to the most vulnerable. Our members also provide social aid in attempts at building community and uplifting those we support. Unlike the governments, politicians, and religious organizations of the world your full donations go straight towards helping those who need it most.

Is this a religious order or sect?

The Order Of Ancient Shadows does not have e any particular religious foundation or hold our members to believe in a particular faith. The order believes in the common good of all human beings and giving all that we can in service to helping those who need it.

Why the name Order Of The Ancient Shadows?

Our name was chosen as a way to emulate our beliefs. As an order, keeping our legal names and information private is our way of ensuring that we take no honor or attempt to gain favor or clout for our deeds. As shadows are nameless and faceless, so too are we nameless and faceless publicly. We seek to uplift others and benefit others, not ourselves.

How do I become a member?

If your interested in becoming a member and you meet the legal age requirement as well as emulate the principles of our order, please email

Please include your preferred name, reasons for wanting membership and the order will reach out with further details.

There is a monetary fee for membership which will be used to assist the order with administration fees to ensure we have the support to continue our goal.

Membership is $10 CAD. / Month which will be used to assist with administrative fees ensuring our order can operate.

Do you have a physical location to drop off food items or donations?

To ensure we can provide all we can to our communities, we do not have a physical location for non-perishable food drop-offs or monetary donations. Please see the bottom of the home page if you would like to make a monetary donation, and we will acquire the non-perishable food and supplies to deliver to the most vulnerable.

What community do you serve?

All Communities. Wherever we have members, the communities in which they live will be supported by the order. The order isn't a one city or one region belief, it is a world belief and one of which believes in bringing all human beings up.

What do I get for becoming a member?

Becoming a member of our order will provide you a support network of like-minded individuals to which you will become a new family member too. You will be able to network, build connections, share your stories, and make lifelong friendships built on trust and understanding. Our order takes membership very seriously as our members are the cornerstone in uplifting our communities. We do not require you to show your face, but without trust and integrity you can never become a member.

What happens if a member becomes "excommunicado"?

The principles, laws, and tenants of the order is built off of trust. If a member is found to have violated the trust of the order by breaking any principles, laws, or tenants, the member will be (excommunicado) banned from the order indefinitely. This will mean the member will lose their membership as well the support, resources, and any privileges they had as a member. Regaining membership will not be possible after this.

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