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Fortune Telling

Principles and Tenants

Principles and Tenants: Membership
Image by Marek Piwnicki


Our principles are built on the foundation of trust and integrity. We seek to not only build trust within our communities but trust within each other.

Anonymity - we do not seek honor or pride as these attributes lead to selfishness and an inability to give our utmost attention to support our communities. While carrying out our charity work, members keep anonymity at the forefront as we do not seek our own honor but we recieve honor from building others up. Our deeds outweigh our appearances or names. Only our deeds can change and alter the environment around us.

Charity - Our goal is to provide Financial, Food, and Social aid to those in our society who are the most vulnerable. To build connections, hear their stories, and let them know they are not alone. In doing this, we aim to change the mindset and make positive impacts everywhere we go.

Truth - We seek the truth and exposing the lies in our society. By shedding light on sensitive topics we bring enlightenment and increase awareness which saves lives in the process. 

Brotherhood & Sisterhood - members of the order are encouraged to form strong bonds with one another. Trust, confidence, integrity, and patience are virtues that members hold strong. By supporting one another, we grow and our impact grows with it. United together we can impact change not just on a local level but a global level.

Image by Sumit Mangela


Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with your time and commitment going towards making Order Of The Ancient Shadows an even better Non Governmental Organization.

Our tenants reflect our core values and are the essential building blocks of the order.

Hide in plain view - We seek to blend in to our environments and by doing so, impact our environments without attempting to gain recognition our clout.

Give charitably to others - support our communities to the best of our ability whenever possible. Supply packs with Clothing items, non-perishable food items, Hygiene items, and essentials will be gathered and distributed from donations.

Never bring dishonor to the Order - work to lift up our communities and to keep the principles and Tenants of the order. Our deeds are a reflection of our inner selves not our appearances. We work to build our communities and our fellow members up.

Image by Hugo Jehanne


Members will join our social media platform and join other truth seekers in exposing hidden agendas and cover-ups. By being open to learning and growing as an individual, we can deepen our understanding of life and the honor of serving our community.

Members are expected to respect one another and follow the principles and tenants of the order. If a member is found to be spreading hate, violence, or is identified as a troll, their membership will be revoked.

The membership fee is $1 CAD. / Month, which will be collected to support our ongoing administrative fees to keep the order operating behind the scenes.

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